Commonly Asked Questions Related to Safety at Simpson

Q:  May I park in the fire lane or curb? I will just be a few minutes.

A:  There is no parking allowed on campus streets. The fire lanes are for the exclusive use of emergency vehicles, and according to the California Vehicle Code (CVC), you may not stop there. Campus Safety officers may issue parking citations for parking and fire lane violations.

Q:  May I park in the disabled parking space if no other spots are open?

A:  The disabled parking spaces are for people with disabilities who have an approved disability placard prominently displayed. The disabled parking spaces include the blue striped area next to the space with the disabled icon, and in front of the ramp.

Q:  If I am locked out of my residence hall room, whom do I call to let me in?

A:  Call your floor Resident Assistant first. If your RA is not available you may try your Resident Director.

Q:  May I have two vehicles on campus?

A:  Due to the limited number of parking spaces near the residence facilities, students may be limited to register only one vehicle. This will be enforced at the discretion of the Campus Safety department. Commuter students may register more than one vehicle; however, only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time.

Q:  If I live off campus, do I need to register my vehicle?

A:  All vehicles driven on campus must be registered through Campus Safety.

Q:  If I am a commuter student, am I required to have a parking permit to park on campus?

A:  All vehicles parking on campus must display a Simpson University parking permit.

Q:  Where can visitors park, and where can I obtain a visitor parking permit?

A:  Visitors may park in spaces labeled for visitor parking, or where directed by campus safety officers. Visitor parking permits may be obtained from the Owen Student Services receptionist on the first floor or from the department being visited.