Currie-Ediger Mission

To support and provide a place for the male student who is looking for a mix between the college community atmosphere and individual independence in their daily lives.

Unique Currie Events and Traditions

  • Mancakes: a Currie-Ediger exclusive event on the last Thursday of every month, in which we make Mancakes: pancakes, but much manlier, "made with real bits of man." The record for most cakes eaten in one evening is two, just to offer a glimpse at how big they can be.
  • Man of the Month: Currie-Ediger residents have a the chance to be selected and enshrined on the "Currie Man Hall of Fame"
  • Sweet & Sour Spicy Movie Hour: a movie night with the clubs and other residence halls of Simpson University hosted by Currie-Ediger
  • Santa Gallivant: a Christmas celebration of mysterious Saint Nick qualities
  • The Mini Masters: a March golfing classic where Currie residents compete for the coveted green polo and the title of "Currias Minias Masterius"
  • The BBQ: a mid-April event, over 100 lbs. of the best steak and tri-tip you have ever had

Hall Amenities

  • Full community kitchen
  • Full laundry facilities
  • Lobby on each floor
  • Ping pong table
  • Pool table
  • Flat-screen with Direct TV

Hall Floor Plans