Mission, Vision, and Values


"Simpson University is a Christ-centered learning community committed to developing each student in mind, faith and character for a life-time of meaningful work and service in a constantly changing world."

Within the framework of its mission, Simpson University shall constantly strive to fulfill the following objectives:

1. To cultivate in each student an awareness of God and His will and a complete dedication to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

2. To offer the student a broad education designed to develop the academic, social, physical and spiritual life.

3. To foster intellectual growth; to develop lifelong habits of self-directed study through a program of scholarship that seeks to examine the world of knowledge.

4. To crystallize a value system and an authority system as they relate to the privileges and responsibilities of contemporary life in a global context.

5. To help the student grow in appreciation of and sensitivity to the arts and in development of balance and good taste in lifestyle.

6. To provide an environment within which life-directing vocational decisions can be made which honor God and bring fulfillment to the learner.

7. To equip our graduates with the knowledge and skills to achieve fulfillment in professional and vocational life callings.

8. To develop in each student through the entire curricular and co-curricular programming, a fervent, God-conscious Christian experience kindled with the flame of lifestyle evangelism and missionary passion.


Simpson University’s passion is to be the university of choice for students who aspire to achieve their chosen life goals through a Christ-led, transformational and innovative education.


Statement of Commitment: We profess the supremacy of Jesus Christ as Lord of all. In faith, we submit ourselves to His authority and His Word, and seek His wisdom. We will reflect His character in our daily lives. Simpson will be a Christ-honoring university, and we embrace the Core Values below, which inform our identity and drive our Vision for the future.

  • Community: We are a covenantal community. We commit to creating a learning community that is intentionally and faithfully hospitable and welcoming; inclusive and diverse; practicing justice, fairness and respect for all people; compassionate, kind and loving; reflecting the heart and image of God in all that we do.
  • Excellence: We commit to excellence in teaching, scholarship, recruitment, leadership, management, stewardship, and interpersonal interactions and to continuously improve in all our practices.
  • Accountability: We commit to individual and corporate responsibility for our actions, decisions, communications, and performance and welcome evaluation and feedback.
  • Integrity: We commit to honor God and each other through openness, honesty and ethical conduct in all matters.
  • Service: We commit to honor God by modeling Christ’s example of service to all humanity. Our calling as a Christian university is to be a “gateway to world service” and a place where the Great Commission is lived out.