Academic Affairs


Gayle Copeland, Ph.D..

Contact her at: (530) 226-4133

Ann Miller, Ph.D.

Associate Provost
Dean, School of Traditional Undergraduate Studies
Contact her at: (530) 226-4733

Jennifer Fox

Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
Contact her at: (530) 226-4763

Harold Lund, M.A.

Contact him at: (530) 226-4127

Laura Morlan

Academic Affairs Coordinator
Contact her at: (530) 226-4736


Glee R. Brooks, Ed.D.

Dean, School of Education
Contact her at: (530) 226-4188

John Burlison, Ed.D.

Dean, Adult Studies and Online Programs
Contact him at: (530) 226-4140

Kristie Stephens, M.S.N.

Dean, School of Nursing
Contact her at: (530) 226-4529

Addie Jackson, Ed.D.

Dean, School of Graduate Professional Studies
Contact her at: (530) 226-4788

Patrick Blewett, Ph.D.

Dean, A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary
Contact him at: (530) 226-4144

Pamela Van der Werff, M.A.

Chair, Division of Math and Science
Contact her at: (530) 226-4713

Darren Gordon, M.A.

Chair, Division of Theology and Ministry
Contact him at: (530) 226-4964

John Ayabe, Ph.D.

Chair, Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
Contact him at: (530) 226-4154

Pam Havlick, M.A.

Chair, Division of Psychology, Business, and Leadership
Contact her at: (530) 226-4638

Edward Mooney, Ed.D.

Chair, Division of Liberal Studies
Contact him at: (530) 226-4738