Liberal Studies (ASPIRE)

16 Months to a Degree in Liberal Studies (on campus)

Critical thinking, writing and communication skills are essential to success in any field or endeavor. ASPIRE's Liberal Studies major is designed to teach you those skills, along with offering you a broad education in the various areas of human endeavor and knowledge. While a Liberal Studies degree is practical if you plan to undertake a general exploration and understanding of various fields of study, it's also ideal if you wish to earn your teaching credential.

ASPIRE's unique class structure is designed to accommodate your busy schedule. Take one class at a time — one night a week for five weeks — and build on the knowledge gained in each class. It's a process that optimizes learning, leading to greater assimilation and stronger retention of the knowledge and tools you need to compete in the marketplace.

12-Month On-Campus Program

First Semester

  • Earth and Physical Science
  • Foundational Math
  • Fine Arts in Western Culture
  • World History (11-weeks online)

Second Semester
  • Life Science
  • Introduction to the Bible
  • American and World Literature
  • Foundations of Communication (11-weeks online)

Third Semester

  • Language Development and Communication
  • Christianity and World Religions
  • CA & US History
  • Human Development (11-weeks online)

View our Catalog for full course descriptions.

A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies will prepare you for careers in a variety of fields, including:

K-12 Teaching

Alternative Schools

Rehabilitation Centers

Vocational Schools

Technical Schools

Recreational Centers

Public Information Offices

Educational Affairs

Group/Regional Management

Community Affairs

Community Relations

Intercultural Communication

Overseas Language Centers

Adult Education Centers

Overseas Schools

Military Bases

Public Schools

Private Schools

Event Coordination


Public Relations

Management Supervising

Media Relations

Patient Advocacy

Specialist Research

Sales Management

"Teaching has become my passion, and Simpson is that big step which will allow me to achieve my dream. I want to be a positive role model for Hispanic students in my community. I want to change the lives of students and encourage them to attend college and be an active participant in their local community."Marybel Torres, Class of 2014

"I love the acceleration and one class at a time,” she said. “I loved that there’s not busy work and that everything I learned was applicable to my degree."Katherine Kelly, Class of 2013

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