Marketing and Communications


Thank you for visiting our department's informational page. Here you will find resources for submitting work orders, downloading digital logos, and supporting our brand standards.

About Us

The Marketing and Communications department is part of the university's Advancement office, located on the third floor of the Owen Center. Our primary role is to promote and manage the university's brand for the purpose of meeting enrollment objectives. We do this through strategic marketing programs and public relations oriented activities. This includes the design and management of our network, public web sites, and official university print communications.

Marketing and Communications Department Mission/Inspiration/Vision Statement

We will build awareness and connectivity clearly articulating the mission, identity and vision of Simpson University through creativity, innovation and inspired performance.


  • To be thought leaders producing innovative, message-specific, brand-driven inbound and outbound communications.
  • To increase our institution’s online exposure and drive Simpson University’s brand awareness to the broadest market reach.
  • To effectively promote and advertise Simpson University’s educational products and services utilizing available resources in print, web, photography, video and technology.
  • To develop strong media relations and execute and engage in events on and off campus demonstrating Simpson University’s connectedness to our northern California community.
  • To publicize relevant stories about Simpson University that serve to thank, inform and keep employees, donors and alumni connected with Simpson University.

Simpson University Marketing Resources

Marketing Work Order Request

Work Request Orders

Digital Logos and Branding Guidelines

Legal Forms

Templates and Letterhead

Marketing and Communications Projects

Marketing and Communications Team

  • New Projects

    • Director of Marketing and Communications (Mark) - initiates all major marketing and communications projects working closely with the V.P. of Advancement, V.P. for Enrollment Management, and the Provost in order to build and craft programs which support and grow the institution
  • Online Communications

  • Print Communications

Marketing FAQs

  • Q: Why don't I see my requested web changes yet?

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    • Google: "How do I empty my browser cache?" for more info