Liberal Studies (Elementary Education)

Liberal Studies Major

The Liberal Studies major is a pre-credential major designed for students who desire a teaching career in Elementary Education. Focuses in the Liberal Studies program include the arts, sciences, language and grammar, mathematics, literature and social sciences.

We also offer a convenient 12-month liberal studies ASPIRE degree-completion program available for working adults.


Learning Outcomes

  • Liberal Studies students will develop knowledge of the California Academic Content Standards and Common Core State Standards in subject areas taught by multiple subjects teachers.
  • Liberal Studies students will synthesize and demonstrate subject knowledge and pedagogical skills needed to teach Kindergarten through eighth grades.
  • Liberal Studies students will be prepared to enter the Teacher Credentialing program.

Other Education Majors

“The professors within and outside of my major were really supportive and really cared. They were really amazing examples of what I truly think it means to be an educator.” Erika Villegas, class of 2010