Political Science

Political Science Major

Our political science program prepares students through rigorous educational experiences to master the knowledge, values and skills of the discipline of political science, to apply these skills successfully in a variety of professional or graduate level settings and to engage faithfully and effectively as a Christian in the contemporary political world.

Courses include foundational studies in political thought, American government, comparative politics, law and policy, international relations, social and criminal justice and more. The standard track prepares students in American Government, Law and Policy, ideal for the Pre-Law candidate. Students have the additional option of pursuing emphasis in criminal justice, international studies or social justice.

  • Pre-Law Advising
  • Career Opportunities
    • Public Service
    • Law and Law Enforcement
    • Private or Public Advocacy/Lobbying Organizations
    • Community Relations Director
    • Congressional Office Staff Member
    • Teacher / Educator
    • Environmental Policy Analyst
    • FBI Agent
    • Foreign Service Officer or U.N. Diplomat
    • Government Relations Manager
    • International Business Analyst
    • Legislative Director / Analyst
    • Media Specialist
    • Parole/Probation Officer
    • Politician
    • Public Affairs Specialist
    • Urban Policy Planner
    • White House Advisor
    • City Planner / Manager


Program Goals

  • GOAL 1 - Substantive knowledge of concepts, theories and political systems: political science students will graduate with substantive knowledge of basic political concepts, theories and systems, understand the institutions, processes and values that shape politics within and among states and be able to apply that knowledge to the world.
  • GOAL 2 – Critical thinking, research, writing and communication skills: students will graduate with the ability to think critically about political concepts and systems by using the major analytic and theoretical frameworks in several subfields of political science. Students will formulate questions, evaluate arguments and communicate credibly in a variety of settings.
  • GOAL 3 – Engagement in politics: It is our goal that students are prepared for active citizenship and develop an ongoing interest in local, national and global politics in a manner which allows for effective and intentional integration of personal faith with the political world.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the political science major:

  • Program Learning Outcome #1 – Students should be able to distinguish among the diversity of traditions in the field and successfully identify the structure and operation of the U.S. and other political systems.
  • Program Learning Outcome #2 - Students should be able to construct and evaluate analytical arguments and write clear logical prose.
  • Program Learning Outcome #3 – Students should be able to identify and gather information from credible primary and secondary sources, recognize assumptions and to devise basic research designs, test questions, arguments, and hypotheses with qualitative and/or quantitative methods.
  • em>Program Learning Outcome #4 –Students will have the ability to effectively employ oral and written communication skills within a variety of academic and professional contexts.
  • Program Learning Outcome #5 – Students should be able to appreciate and understand both theoretically and practically the values of citizenship and its beneficial consequences as an engaged Christian.

"My studies of history and political science developed my core skills and overall prepared me for law school"John Paul Fickes, Class of 2008