Yemi Mobolade

Yemi Mobolade

Yemi Mobolade

Pastor, church planter and local missionary, Colorado Springs, CO.
Pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary

"As a pastor, church planter, and local missionary, I believe that the best seminary is one that values intellect (head knowledge) as well as practical life application (heart knowledge). A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary integrates both well.

Tozer Seminary is changing me in a deep and profound way. It's preparing me to bring God's kingdom down on earth as it is in heaven. Practically speaking, it's teaching me to influence and transform lives on a daily basis, to be a leader in the for-profit and non-profit sectors of society, and to teach both in a church and an academic setting.

"Tozer Seminary is changing me in a deep and profound way. It's preparing me to bring God's kingdom down on earth as it is in heaven."

I've found the staff and faculty to be kind, friendly, cordial, and very helpful. The care for students' general life and well-being extends far beyond the classroom. The faculty has a genuine interest in the students and their ministry work. I have had former professors visit me when in my area. When I'm on campus for the intensive classes, my professors also make it a point to greet me and get an update on my life.

I also enjoy the one-to two-week intensive format and the wonderful community of friends that I have developed at the seminary. Going back every semester for intensives is like a homecoming. I look forward to reuniting and reconnecting with my fellow classmates.

Learn more about the Diestelhorst BridgeThe Spiritual Formation class has changed me forever. I learned new ways to experience God at a deeper level. The Theology 1: God, Revelation and Humanity class has opened my mind to the greatness of God yet reminded me how close and immanent he is. The Events in Church History class has given me a deeper appreciation for the story of the church and an ability to trace the origins of doctrines and beliefs.

Tozer Seminary's motto is "Come deepen your relationship with God" and this has been my experience. Seminary will leave me with a deeper love for God and people, and an excitement for teaching."



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