School of Nursing Admissions Process

  • Timeline (Order of Progression)

    Our typical student is admitted as a freshman, completing 3 semesters of prerequisite science and math courses, while also taking general education courses required for graduation.

    • Students apply to the nursing major during the fall semester of their sophomore year.
      • Students who are accepted into the nursing major begin their nursing classes the spring of their sophomore year with completion of the major requiring at least five semesters.
      • Transfer students may enter the university at any point, but must still complete required prerequisite courses before applying for acceptance into the nursing major.
  • Admission into the University

    All students seeking admission to the undeclared nursing program and nursing major at Simpson University must first be admitted into the university. Students will be accepted into Simpson University based on established admissions criteria. Admission into the university and undeclared nursing program does not ensure admission into the nursing major. Each student seeking entrance to the nursing major must complete the School of Nursing Application Packet and apply specifically for the nursing major.

    In order to ensure the most qualified candidates are accepted into the program, additional admissions criteria and recommended courses are required.

  • Admission into the Nursing Major

    1. Admission into the nursing major is competitive and completion of the prerequisite classes and the application does not ensure acceptance into the major. While current Simpson students are given priority, each year slots may be filled by transfer students and readmitted students.

    2. Admission into the nursing major is conditional until all in progress prerequisite classes (those taken during the semester of application) are completed with a grade of “C” or higher.

    3. School of Nursing Application Packet are available through the Simpson University Admissions office. The completed application packet must include all of the following:

    • Application form
    • Complete ATI TEAS, with a minimum adjusted total score of 78*
    • Personal statement
    • Two recommendation forms
    • Official transcripts from all college course work at all institutions (including in progress coursework)
    • $50, non-refundable application fee

    4. A committee consisting of Simpson University staff and faculty will review each application and consider all elements of an application; personal statement, overall GPA from all classes at all institutions, the prerequisite GPA, TEAS score, recommendation forms, and priority points.

    5. During the review process, the following areas will be given consideration:

    Component Weighted %
    Personal Statement 15%
    Overall GPA from all classes at all prerequisite GPA 55%
    TEAS Score 15%
    Recommendations Forms (2) 4%
    Priority Points 11%

    6. In the event that a student must withdraw from the nursing major, the vacated spot in the program will be offered to the next most qualified student. Students who withdraw from the program may reapply the following year.

    7. The nursing major does not carry a waitlist. Students who are not accepted into the program are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisor, and then reapply the following year. Students who withdraw from the university for one full semester or more must be readmitted by the university and then reapply for the following semester.

    Policy Acknowledgment Form: You will receive further directions regarding completion of the health/immunization forms, criminal background check, American Heart Association CPR Certification for Health Care Professionals and drug screening after an offer of enrollment is made.

    *ATI TEAS: Simpson University is an approved TEAS testing site. Study guides and test preparation resources are available from the Academic Success Center. Students must have a minimum adjusted individual total score of 78 on the ATI TEAS. If you have not taken ATI TEAS, we require that you take the test at Simpson University. In the event that you have taken and completed the ATI TEAS with a score of 78 or higher at another institution, we will accept your official transcript from ATI to Simpson University. If you have received a score of less than 78, your application will not be reviewed by the committee. Students may retake the ATI TEAS test once, and the higher of those two scores will be used to calculate priority for conditional admission.

  1. Transfer students will complete two applications: 1) application to Simpson University, 2)School of Nursing Application Packet. Students must first be admitted into the university before applying to the nursing major. Admission to the university does not ensure admission into the nursing major.
  2. Students currently enrolled at Simpson University at the time of application to the nursing major will be given priority in the committee review acceptance process.
  3. Courses specific to Simpson University’s liberal arts curriculum will be required for graduation. Students should be prepared to work closely with an academic advisor in order to complete all core curriculum and nursing major course requirements.
  4. Students transferring from another nursing program who have completed one or more semesters satisfactory will be evaluated by the Director of Admissions and the Dean of Nursing. Please work closely with the admissions staff to ensure all documentation is properly received in a timely manner and guidelines within the transfer policy are followed. In addition to the Simpson University application, the following documents must be submitted:
    • Letter of intent requesting transfer
    • Official college transcripts of all college work completed
    • Official nursing course descriptions and course outlines for evaluation of nursing content
    • Letter from your previous nursing director stating status and reason for leaving program

Step One: Apply Online
Complete an application and pay a non-refundable application fee.

Step Two: Submit a professional reference

Stept Three: Submit official transcripts
Applicants must request all official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Send transcripts to:
Simpson University, Admissions Office
2211 College View Drive
Redding, CA 96003

Step Four: Accepted and Statement of Commitment
Accepted: applicants who have submitted all admissions material will be reviewed for acceptance.

Statement of Commitment: Please sign and agree to the statement of commitment. Once complete, you will be registered automatically for your courses (statement of commitment form can be located on your SimpsonYou page under "Next steps". This step is required immediately after you have received your acceptance).


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