Chad McCulley - Alumni Success Story

Chad McCulley

Director - North America Inside Sales
NComputing, Redding, Calif.

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Chad McCulley"I remember approaching Simpson University and seeing the "Gateway to World Service" motto at the entrance and realizing that I belonged there.

I experienced that — and much more, through my undergraduate study at Simpson University.

Seeking real-world experience in my studies and in my professors - not pontification - I truly experienced both. More important to me was the focus on God and my faith that was woven through my studies. This focus helped mold me and steer me towards my life pursuits.

I graduated in 2007 with a degree in Business Administration - only three years after entering Simpson through hard work and dedication and was nominated top graduating business senior that year.

A favorite part of my Simpson experience was my interactions with my professors where I was being molded, shaped and mentored. My interactions with my business professors Gary Schmidt and Wally Quirk were instrumental in my success, I leaned on them and they, in turn, made the investment in me and my academic and business success.

To this day I still tap into their experience and frequently engage in mock interviews for graduating seniors and we actively pursue new graduates through our company internship program. We can attribute our company's success by investing in our employees and creating an environment where talents flourish. Our TEAM approach exemplifies this by leading and working together through Trust, Encouragement, Accountability and Mentorship.

These were key concepts that I experienced in my educational journey at Simpson and are attributes I apply daily in my leadership role at NComputing, today, the fastest growing desktop virtualization company in the world.

My Simpson education has given me the ability to look at business, and my role in it, from a unique vantage point — an educational journey where my mind was definitely challenged and I was able to influence change in the world around me."

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