Biotechnology Flier


Biotechnology Major

Our biotechnology major is designed to give you a strong, broad-based background in the biological sciences with an emphasis on technologic advances made in the “post-genomic era”. This will provide preparation for the job market as well as for graduate work in biotechnology or related disciplines. The biotechnology program has a special emphasis on bioethics allowing students to formulate their approach to science in a Christian atmosphere which allows individuals to explore the tough moral and ethical question that the biotechnology field poses.

Students declaring a Biotechnology major take the same classes as students declaring a Biology major during their freshman and sophomore years. During the junior and senior years the Biotechnology majors take their major-specific classes.

  • Facilities

    Science and Nursing Center

    Simpson University’s Science and Nursing Center

    The Science and Nursing Center is equipped with:

    • Two stories: one floor dedicated to science majors and one to nursing education
    • Six patient simulation zones
    • Two clinical skills labs
    • Specialized areas for physics, microbiology, genetics, chemistry, ecology and anatomy
    • General-purpose classrooms
    • Centralized faculty offices
  • Career Opportunities

    At Simpson University, we believe that studying biotechnology will equip you for a wide variety of exciting careers where you can make a difference in the world. The biotechnology program will prepare you for future graduate or professional training, or employment in both academic and industrial settings.

    • Biotechnology research
    • Environmental engineering
    • Industrial Biotechnology
    • Patent and environmental law
    • Agricultural Biotechnology
    • Allied health professions
    • Health care and pharmaceutical
    • Public health
    • Science education
    • Medical school
    • Pharmacy school
    • Graduate programs
    • Public school teacher

     ...and dozens of other fields

Learning Outcomes

  • Attain a foundation of broad-based knowledge in biotechnology as well as the physical sciences.
  • Master the use of laboratory techniques specific to those fields in order to acquire meaningful data.
  • Practice keenly analyzing and evaluating scientific information, and gain the ability to propose future paths for investigation.
  • Develop the communication skills needed in order to read, write, and present scientific information with excellence.
  • Explore the intersections among Christian morality and worldviews, scientific inquiry, and decision-making.