Computer Information Systems - Business Administration Concentration

Computer Information Systems

SU’s Computer Information Systems (CIS) concentration combines cutting-edge technology, cybersecurity, and system design with successful business strategies and practices. The CIS courses provide a solid foundation in computer programming, modern operating systems, and database management and development. Our program integrates business strategies with CIS expertise, which operationalizes learning. Furthermore, students learn how to leverage and monetize CIS as a major enterprise objective and goal. Our highly innovative theoretical content coupled with an applied practicum places the student in a hands-on active-learning environment, equipping students to manage and apply technology in organizations. Valuable guided paid and volunteer internships are a graduation requirement. SU’s CIS program focuses on the analysis, design, and implementation of information systems.

Students learn about specific CIS areas of interest like artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud computing, data analytics, and web programming. In the classroom, students experience interactive learning that provides the hands-on, technical expertise needed to do business in a rapidly changing technological environment. Additionally, students will benefit from a modern computer lab, where dedicated computer lab tutoring is available to all CIS students. CIS concentration students graduate with the technical and organizational knowledge necessary to provide technology leadership in entrepreneurial and business environments.

About the Program

  • Transfer Students and First Year Freshman
  • Rapidly move through the CIS specialization
  • Cutting Edge technology - 10 new iMacs with Intel i9 core processors in Mac Lab with Adobe’s Creative Suite
  • More than a computer technician – valued strategist, CIS specialist, and content expert.
  • Operationalize / Monetize the CIS degree
  • Experience CIS Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Synergies in Venture Capitalism
  • Integral part of business operations and strategy
  • Enterprise impact in areas like E-commerce, marketing, supply chain and logistics.
  • Gig Era and Digital Media concepts

Certification Options

Unique Activities

  • Site Visits (COVID and Company Schedule Restriction Dependent - Live or Zoom)
    • Apex Computing - Redding, California
    • Tesla Plant - Fremont, California
    • Oracle
    • S.F. Federal Reserve Bank - San Francisco
    • Google Campus
    • Broadcom
  • Triathlon Competition Event


Daniel Sloan

Assistant Professor of Business

Real-world Learning - Internships

All CIS students must participate in an IT related business studies internship prior to graduation. These internships, some paid and other volunteer, develop applied skills in the IT field. Students gain hands-on training, teamwork experience, and career development knowledge.

Career Opportunities and Professional Networking

The CIS program utilizes contacts in the industry to help students find externships, career opportunities, jobs, network, and identify resources that support their careers.

CIS Specialization - 21 Credits

MATH 2830 Computer Programming and Data Structures
COMM 2360 Web Design and Development
BUSS 3625 Cloud Computing
BUSS 3810 Internet of Things (IoT)
BUSS 3945 Introduction to Data Analytics
BUSS 4710 Computer & Network Security (Cyber Security)
BUSS 4810 System Analysis & Design

Business Major Core Requirements

Students also complete the core business degree requirements:

Variety of Career Opportunities

Training in CIS can lead to a variety of careers, including:

  • Database Administrator
  • IT Project Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Systems Analyst
  • Business IT Consultant / Strategist
  • Business Manager / Entrepreneur
  • ...and many more!

Faith-infused Curriculum

Our professors not only care about how students prepare for future careers in CIS but also how they develop a faith-infused lifestyle. Students are taught from a distinctive Christian worldview while developing analytical, technical, and critical thinking skills. Simpson University wants our students to become Christian professionals equipped to impact and serve the world around them.