Geri Gallupe - Alumni Success Story

Geri Gallupe

Chico, Calif.

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Geri Gallupe"A registered nurse for almost 40 years, I found myself at a career crossroads in 2009. I wanted to do more, but advancement opportunities in this very competitive environment were limited without my bachelor’s degree.

Simpson’s School of Adult Studies (ASPIRE) offered a 16-month RN-to-BSN degree-completion program right here in my community, with the added draw of a Christian-based education. Though initially intimidated about returning to school after so many years, I envisioned my goal and graduated in 2010.

The superior and dedicated education I received at Simpson cannot be overstated. The personal attention from instructors, the class size and classroom attendance time were critical components in ensuring the success of every student in my class.

Being an 'older' adult learner, I had to 'step it up' with my technology skills—something the program helped us do. ASPIRE also provided a platform for my peers and educators to share a variety of personal and professional experiences, promoting an environment for expanding nursing visions and possibilities.

The choice to move forward with my education through Simpson was one of the best decisions of my life. It has expanded my employment opportunities and helped me make choices that incorporate both my ethical and educational values.

I now work in the public health sector, where I ensure that Medicare/Medi-Cal recipients are receiving the care necessary to achieve their full physical, mental and psychosocial well-being. This is why I became a nurse—to instill a sense of hope, trust, and caring. I also have the opportunity to educate providers and encourage positive healthcare change.

Simpson University renewed my appreciation of education, broadened my vision of what nursing can offer, and affirmed me in my chosen profession. Nurses are still frontline care providers, with the emphasis on care. It is not enough that we touch others with what we can give intellectually—we also can touch others spiritually and physically. That is what nursing does. That is what Simpson University encouraged."

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